Talk Fusion – Does Talk Fusion Video Offer Value Or Just Hype?

Like all MLM opportunities, it’s important to approach with hand firmly on wallet, as it is all too easy to fall for the slick marketing pitches, promising wealth galore. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to discern the truth when evaluating a company and their products. fusionblog

For me however, the criteria is a very simple one – UNIQUENESS and VALUE. If you stripped away the glossy brochures and PowerPoint presentations, if you discounted the glowing testimonials and didn’t get caught up in the riches promised by the Compensation Plan, what are you left with?

Here’s my rule of thumb. If a company has a product that can be sold on its own merits, without needing a three way call and without presenting any whiff of an “Opportunity”, then it is definitely worth considering. Otherwise, it’s nothing more than hype and should be routinely dismissed.

For example, if an MLM company has the latest liquid supplement, here is what I would ask. What makes this product different from the rest? Let’s face it – Aloe Vera is Aloe Vera and Mangosteen is Mangosteen. And before you get all huffy, I realize that there are differences in quality, absorption rates, processes, synergistic blends, etc. But at the end of the day, will the average consumer pay twice the price of something similar, that can be purchased at the local GNC, Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe? omegawriter

So, using that as a guideline, let’s look at Talk Fusion and see if passes the “sniff” test. First off, is it unique and not just another me-too product? The answer is “Yes”. The company offers a suite of video products based on their proprietary compression technology. There are no Network Marketing competitors and only a very few non-MLM ones, as Talk Fusion pioneered the technology and enjoys First Mover status.

The flagship product is Video E-Mail. Just shoot a video clip from a digital camera, webcam or camcorder. Upload it to Talk Fusion, insert it into one of the professionally designed templates and e-mail it to an individual or group. In addition, there is also Video Blogs, Video Auto-Responders, Video Sharing and Video Conferencing. Seven cutting edge products in all.

But what about value? How are these products sold and is it priced to move? Or is it inflated, like so many MLM products are, to be able to carry the weight of paying out distributors ten levels deep? For more info please visit these sites :-

Prior to their re-launch in June 2010, the answer to this was a resounding “No”, as the entry level plan started at $399 and scaled up to dizzying $4999. Fortunately, a new Director Of Sales gave the CEO a reality check and now Talk Fusion does get a passing grade for value, as it is priced at just $175 and $20 a month.

That makes it affordable enough to market to a diverse base of potential customers worldwide, both for personal and business use. And all seven products are included for the one low cost.

But does Value and Uniqueness add up to success? Possibly, but only if it is coupled with dedication, sound business processes and effective, targeted marketing.


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