Is Print on Demand Publishing For You?

When it comes to publishing your book, there are many options available. For several reasons, Print On Demand publishing is gaining popularity as a publishing medium.

Print On Demand publishing is a technology by which copies of a book can be printed on an as-needed basis. This avoids the need to mass-produce books, leaving crates of surplus copies in storage. Print On Demand publishing was made possible with the development of digital printing. alternativehealthdirectory

The largest advantage to Print On Demand publishing is that items such as books and magazines can be printed at a fixed cost per copy, no matter how many copies are being printed. With smaller print runs, this makes Print On Demand much more economical than traditional offset printing. For larger jobs, offset printing can still be the money-saving method, but for many new writers there is not the demand for the number of copies that will make offset printing the wiser choice.

In addition, Print On Demand publishing has a quicker technical setup time, making it more convenient. Since the print run can be as small as a single copy, there is also little or no waste from copies that are not sold or used, and there is little to no need to store a large inventory of printed copies. This reduces storage and accounting costs, and eases the strain of tracking large amounts of stock.

Print On Demand is an excellent resource for new authors. They will print and ship copies directly to an author, with small fees for the service, as well as for managing royalties and, gaming tips in many cases, listings in online bookstores. Some companies will even offer proofreading and editing services.

Though many authors crave the “big publisher’s” stamp of approval on his book, and the credibility that comes with having a professional publishing relationship, there is more than one road to success. There also many success stories with Print On Demand companies.

David Lee Thompson is a 65 year old man living in West Virginia. He was tired of fighting to get his book published, and he felt he was too old to weather the storm of rejection letters that would come his way from the huge publishing houses. He chose to self-publish using a Print On Demand publisher, and he has massively overreached his expectations in selling his book. He was so encouraged that he’s now writing a second book.

An ex-police officer in Boston, Frank DeSario, wanted to tell the story of his time in the police force. He had seen some of the most famous and infamous events in Boston’s long history, and saw a story worth telling. Because of the specific market he was targeting, he chose to self-publish his book using Print On Demand. His book has not just been successful among his friends and police colleagues. He has sold copies of his book online, to people who saw it and took an interest based on his cover art and synopsis. He continues to draw royalties from his book. Mr. DeSario is a true Print On Demand success story.

publishing is an ideal resource for an author just getting started in the publishing world. A number of authors consider it a great cost-effective way to have their book published without having to invest major cash that can better be utilized on marketing ideas.

It is really up to you to decide whether a print on demand option will work for you and your book. Before making up your mind, indobet it is necessary to educate yourself on all options and make an informed decision based on what you’ve learned. Also remember that all print on demand companies aren’t created equal, so if you decide this is the best option for you, research the companies and choose one which best suits your needs.

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