Secret Society Member Busts Out and Tells All! Attraction Secrets!

A thirty-three degree Secret Society member of the Elite Brotherhood has thrown away his membership and is spilling the beans on what they teach, on the inside. I have had the extreme privilege of being in direct contact with him, and have heard him share information on how the extreme elite use law of attraction and the power of thought, to manifest their chosen life style. I have compiled some questions he has answered for me, charteracatamaraninthebvi that you can use to make your life more successful and a whole lot happier.

1. What does being a Secret Society member do for you?

Secret Society membership empowers a person with 100% control of their own life, bostonhaikusociety building the life of their dreams, securing health and emotional well-being, and becoming financially free. Most of the extreme elite that are privy to this information, keep it to themselves and use it for their own personal benefit, but there are also those incredible human beings who use it to enhance society. Being in a place of personal empowerment, where one can make significant contributions to the world while helping others, is an extremely rewarding position to be in.

2. What is the one thing Secret Society members know that the rest of us don’t know?

Secret Society members know who to listen to, and they know where to get the real information on Law of Attraction and other mind-blowing subjects, that can radically change your life.

Secret Society members know which of the thousands of available books have the real deal information and where to get them. They know which audio’s to listen to. They know which of the gurus are telling the real story and which ones are leaving out part of the recipe, cosmedclinic that limits success. They also know what bits are additions, that make the methods useless.

3. Do Secret Societies really teach Law of Attraction as portrayed in the movie The Secret?

You bet they do, but with some important differences. They teach the pure form of Law of Attraction and several other little known and misunderstood universal laws, with the science to back it. Information outside these societies on these subjects is purposefully altered, so the public cannot get the formula working with any consistency or power. Learning how to do it the right way is key. These are not just theories. These are very specific ways to get it all working effectively, efficiently, reliably and automatically.

4. Is this Law of Attraction stuff and talk about Secret Societies a fad, or is this something that is here to stay?

These Law of Attraction methods, and the societies protecting the information, have been around in various forms for thousands of years. It has been scientifically proven to work for the last 100 years, and it has only been available to the public since 2009.

It’s definitely here to stay. The more people who come on board to start using it, the better off our planet will be. Everyone has the right to this information if they seek it. Once you start using this information and seeing the profoundly positive changes in your life, you’ll never want to go back to your old patterns.

5. What is the one thing Secret Society members must do to make Law of Attraction work in there lives, so they can create an incredibly successful fulfilling life?

To make Law of Attraction work well, successful Secret Society members know they must feel good, both emotionally and physically.

Well trained Secret Society members use little known techniques to easily blow out limiting emotional patterns, that sabotage and limit a person’s ability to rise to the top.

Secret Society members engage in activities proven to heal the body. They fill their diets with special foods that keep the body healthy and restore vitality. They are also taught what foods to avoid that cause problems.

When a person is in good physical and emotional health they feel good. Feeling good is the first step in making the magic happen.

6. What is the one thing Secret Society members must never do?

Secret society members must never share their secrets. To do so puts them at great risk, namibia ridicule, loss of privileges etc. That’s why it’s such a big deal for a thirty-three degree member of the Brotherhood to do the unthinkable and disclosed this heavily guarded information.


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