How To Write Unbiased News Using Content Curation

A large part of today’s media makes no real effort to be unbiased, and there is a strong perception amongst many people that the media as a whole is biased towards frontiernews the left. Being objective and unbiased is certainly not seen as being as important as it used to be, and may even be viewed as a commercial liability.

This is a trend that began with the expansion in the number of news sources available on cable television and then the internet. While there were only a few media outlets editors felt the need to be balanced and appeal to a broad range of people. But today there are many placed people can go to get their news, and many publishers and program makers have abandoned objectivity and balance in favour of targeting a niche audience.

But yet there is still a significant market for unbiased news publishing, localletter and I personally think that the internet provides the perfect platform for providing it. The reason for that is because the internet allows one to be not only a news creator, but also a news curator.

Curation basically involves collecting together a range of selected sources, providing a broad and diverse perspective on a topic, and then presenting them in an attractive and engaging manner. You can compare it to the curator of a museum, who collects a range of artifacts together in order to tell a story and present an accurate picture whatever subject his display is about, and then seeks to present newspoke them to the public in a way that is, informative, fair to the subject matter, and also entertaining.

The reason why the internet is so perfect for doing this is because of links. Hyperlinks between documents is really what the web is all about – forget all of the fancy stuff, topicals hyperlinks are the foundation of the world wide web. This means that when you write an article you can easily go to a variety of sources and present a snapshot of a wide range of perspectives on any given subject, along with links that interested readers can use to learn more about any particular position.

When you sit down to do this there is a distinct shift tbadaily in the way you approach an article. Rather than asking yourself – what can kulfiy I write about this subject? You instead ask yourself – what are other people writing about this subject? This makes it easy to approach your work in a more unbiased fashion, as well as presenting the facts to the reader pressmagazines in a balanced way.

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