How Can I Avoid Fake Silver Eagle Coins or Fraud?

Silver Eagle Coins fraud is unfortunately a reality. I am going to show you in 6 steps to safe guard you from fraud.

Step 1:

Does the coin look proper? Any highly trained or experienced coin authenticator often cannot tell if a coin is fake or not but usually say “It doesn’t look right”. You will have to learn what a genuine silver coin looks like. Once you learn that, you can usually tell that the coin ” doesn’t look right” even if you can’t put your finger on it. Trust your gut instinct and don’t purchase that silver coin.

Step 2:

What is the weight of a silver coin? A genuine coin will weigh more than most fake coins due to their cheap silvery metal alloy. If you notice a coin weighs more, askanadviser it can also be a fake and is possibly using silver plated lead.

Step 3:

What does the surface of a silver coin look like? Fake coins may have a silver plated finish, however, sometimes they don’t. There might be “high quality” fake coins they could look convincing, but those are extremely rare and most people don’t go to that length to fake a coin. Silver has a unique sheen to it that is neither too soft nor harsh or even soapy looking.

Step 4:

How do the silver coin’s edges look like? If the coins edge should be reeded, and isn’t or vice versa, this is an enormous red flag, due to the fact mint errors of this type are very rare. In addition, if the coin has a seam around the edge or a bit of a protrusion on the edge, this is a indication of casting sprue, or file marks where they seam was removed. DO NOT BUY THIS COIN!

Step 5:

Does the coin pass a magnification test? Most of the time, the first 4 steps will really give a fake coin away, however, for the tricky ones, you might have to magnify it. This 99% of the time solves the “This doesn’t look right”. When you magnify the coin, look for failed to fill into tiny crevices or tiny spots. The few spots you should look at are the rim meeting the side, between the reeding. Most of the time looking at a silver coin at 10x magnification will give away fake metal impurities. You might see traces of copper or other metals. This would be a big red flag. For more info please visit these sites:-

Step 6:

Does it pass the coin tap test? Silvers coins have a distinctive ring when held on the tip of a finger and tapped with another coin. Only precaution I would take is to not to ding or damage the silver coin when doing this.


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