Color And Flower Suggestions For Your Wedding

Calla lilies have become very popular recently and they are a truly elegant flower. They are also known as arum lilies and are available in various colours; white, 7mgg cream, yellow, gold, mango(which is a delicious colour, orangey gold), pink, and burgundy. They have quite attractive leaves which are heart/arrow shaped and sometimes have white spots on them. They have fleshy stems and grow from a rhizome and prefer a marshy soil.

In Great Britain, they need protection in the winter from frosts. You can buy them in pots, in flower, over here and some people enjoy them indoors whilst they flower. As a cut flower, the white ones are popular at Easter and in wedding bouquets where they epitomize the 1930’s glamour. They have such superb lines that they have been used frequently in Art Nouveau. Lalique I am sure used the calla in his designs, I know I have seen this flower used somewhere. Picasso designed a pottery vase with an arum on it too, manguerose so they have been used by some very famous people.They certainly are fashionable and very suitable in design for this use. It will look fabulous, I’m sure.

As for the symbolism of this flower, I have been looking all through my books and the only meaning I found said they symbolised, ardour, which in my dictionary means feelings of great intensity and warmth, which is an entirely appropriate meaning, don’t you think. You may want to consider a darker pink and white or ivory. Add lavender, light-colored daisies and violets as well as perhaps some magenta gerber daisies and some purple/purplish magenta tiger or star lilies. However, if you’d like to stick entirely with roses. Would stay away from light pink flowers since you have light purple. However, roomidea the darker pink colors would go well, especially if you plan on using some darker purple (as noted by the sash color) in your color scheme.

Some peach would add some interest to your color combination if you want to give your girls more color. I do like yellow and ivory, though. The nice thing is that you can try out some color combinations by checking out your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby. If you can find a yard of your gold fabric color and texture that will be more benefical than a swatch.

Gather your flowers, at the store, like you would for a simple bouquet and hold it next to your fabric to see how it looks. Choose realistic looking flowers. If you use flowers that look real to you your bouquets will look nice, too. My first flower choice is always the rose. It is my favorite flower. I love Gardenias but don’t think they do a good job of them in silk. Freesia are nice … Lily of the Valley, spaice Stephanotis.

Flowers are so personal … what I like … you may not like. One of the most popular wedding flower is Calla Lily and I am not fond of them yet most love them. You want to almost put your bouquets together at the store. You can try various combinations. See what colors you think would look nice for your bouquet and start from there.

If you like you can have you mother or maid of honor there to help you make up your mind. But in the end it is always your chose in what you thnik would look nice. Some people have used white roses, lilies, and added just a little bit of green to there bouquet and they have come out very beautiful.

My dress is ivory, but I really want fire and ice roses with dark navy blue ribbon wrapped around the stems as my bouquet. Is it inappropriate to use a white and red flower with an ivory dress? The reason white isn’t used is because it tends to make the dress look yellowed. So usually a more ivory rose is used. Or roses that have a base of ivory instead of white as the Fire and Ice roses.

I think that it would be a really nice choice to go with fire and ice roses but as I said those colors would throw off the color of your wedding dress. You can still go with those colors as long as you can tone down the colors of both of your flower choices. You might ask your florist if she can suggest a two tonned rose with more ivory to it, instead.


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