Home Renovation – 9 Tips For Renovating on a Budget

You can save thousands of dollars on a renovation if you are prepared to do some research and ask questions of the right people. Here are 9 tips that will save you money.

1. Use eBay to search and buy items such as locks, taps, vanity basins, primers for sale toilet suits etc. The savings can be considerable. You will need to be clear on what you want and the specifications you require.

PS Always ensure the seller has a good eBay reputation. Previous buyers will have rated the service.

2. Don’t paint ceilings if you can avoid it. Perhaps just the kitchen or bathroom if necessary.

3. Buy paint seconds and leftover’s and blend the pots to create your colour. It is best to stick with neutral colours as they rarely offend, but bright colours whilst you may love them are not to everyone’s taste.

I wanted an avocado feature wall in a house we built for sale. I’m glad my wife talked me out of it because the buyers commented that they liked the off white and couldn’t stand those bright modern colours. They did cover up the beautiful timer floor which I laboured over, dried sea cucumber for sale with carpet! We can never account for the taste of others, best to play it safe.

3. Kitchen and vanity bench tops can be bought online and second-hand. It is remarkable that some people will discard just for the sake of a change. Keep in touch with your local kitchen makers, as occasionally a financial crisis on the part of an owner or builder can leave them with stock that they will need to liquidate.

4. Old tiles and laminated surfaces can be painted over. You will need to ask your paint shop for and specialised primer to paint on first so that your paint sticks. One such product is called ESP

5. In many older homes there are metal laundry tubs. These can be easily and quickly refurbished. Sand off the rust, fill any rust holes and then spray the tubs with a white rust-inhibiting enamel paint. Just mask carefully and use drops sheets to avoid a difficult-to-clean-up mess. Do several light coats to avoid runs.

6. The same process can be used to improve metal fans and light fittings.

7. If you need to employ trade labour, adderall for sale then use the grey army. There are many retired or semi retired highly skilled tradespeople who will do a good job at a good price.

8. Instead of replacing old weathered doors, give them a makeover instead. I recently did this for a friend. She was going to pay $1200 for a set of new double doors which would still have to be fitted and treated, at extra cost. All up an estimated $1600

9. Instead I sanded back the doors with an orbital sander and some hand sanding in the corners. I gave the doors 4 coats of a quality gloss deck preparation, with a light sand in between coats. Total cost $350. The doors look fantastic.

PS The decking preparation is much better wearing than the standard estapol. If you are going to remain in the house it is well worth giving the doors a quick sand and a fresh coat every year, cash77 especially if the doors are exposed to rain or direct sunlight.



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