Your Guide to Organic Composting

Compost is simply organic materials. Compost is mainly and mostly made of organic materials such as dead plants, animals, leaves, and various other things. These organic materials are normally decomposing or have decomposed. This decomposing is normally done by aerobic means. The process of decomposition is quite simple and very easy. Decomposition is done by almost everyone whether you are a small scale farmer, commercial farmer, or just a home gardener. Compost which is considered to be a farmer or a gardener’s gold is very rich in nutrients and minerals techpiled

Compost has many uses and it is used in all sorts of things. Not only is it used in agriculture and fertilizing of crops and plants it is also used in landscaping and horticulture. Organic composting is beneficial to the famer, the gardener, and even the land as well. It is a very good soil conditioner; it is also a very good natural fertilizer. It also adds very crucial, vital acids, and minerals to the soil like humus acid and humus. Compost is also an excellent natural pesticide for the soil and for plants. Organic composting also greatly reduces soil erosion and it is also useful in places nears streams, wetlands, and slopes. realisticmag

It is not very hard to make compost and you can do it naturally through a free standing pile or you can also use a compost tumbler or bin. You can even make compost from leftovers form your kitchen. So you do not need to throw away the scraps from your kitchen you simply add them to compost pile or you throw them into your compost tumbler. You can make compost by simply piling up and mixing your garden refuse, kitchen leftovers, waste, leaves, dead plants, grass, weeds, and so forth. You just mix all of the waste together and you let it sit and decompose. There are other very high-tech and advanced ways of making compost and some people use carbon and nitrogen materials to mix their compost and keep it hot so that it decompose quickly. You can also use earthworms to do all the flipping and mixing for you. This is another simple and easy way to mix your compost. mommasays

Remember compost is natural process and it should be fun, you can even get your family especially your kids involved in mixing the compost. I am sure they will love it. In order for compost to be made there must be moisture, air, a bit of carbon and nitrogen materials. The carbon makes the materials brown and nitrogen makes the material green. The piles and bins should be relatively big and round so that the materials can be broken down thoroughly and this makes flipping and turning much easier and simpler. You can use free standing piles, bins, or compost tumblers and compost tumblers seems to work very well with kitchen waste, kitchen leftovers and other raw materials. For more Info please visit these sites:-

It is quite easy to make your own compost and there is no such thing is good compost and bad compost. Since it is a natural process and it is the breaking down of natural materials it can only be good compost. Compost takes care of most of your gardening problems and it is also very good on the environment and soil.


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