Gardening Indoors With Soil & Hydroponics – Aquaponics and Hydroponics, the Future Urban Agriculture

Have you heard of hydroponics? How about Aquaponics? No, well then perhaps you should do a little online research or go to Wikipedia and read a bit about it for 5-minutes and then come back to read this article. Why you ask? Well, I have some comments about all this,  gaming marketingwhich will further your personal knowledge and make you think. Yes, that’s what this article is all about – making you think and allowing you to use the Internet to expand your mind, learn something new, and propel your intelligence.

Indeed, it is a break from the TV and an attempt to enlighten. Now then, the aquaponics concepts have really captured the imagination of a lot of futurist thinkers recently, including those working with NASA on space colony and long-term space travel enclosed bio-modules. It’s really popular in a good many countries. gardenfrontier

Have you looked at some of the future-thinking articles in the popular science and eco-magazines lately?

Perhaps, you should consider investing some time in that as well. The hydroponics or aquaponics concept also makes sense for long-term underground shelters in case of catastrophe – underground human cities, and, the bio-fuel folks are thinking here too; i.e. – giant buildings, hangars of algae growing in a hydroponics system, which keeps the product and algae out of the natural environment, ground water, and waterways. inrealtor

In 2002 I visited the Biosphere II and toured the project in Tucson, AZ, and it was amazing how leading edge their facility and research there was when it came to hydroponics. Today, hydroponics is huge and the number of researchers involved, and all that they are learning is quite incredible.

Is it really a “NEW FRONTIER” of agriculture?

I’d say no, because, lily pads and other similar plant species have genetic lines that trace back far before the dinosaurs. Blue-Green algae are practically the building blocks of life on Earth, hard to say if it is a new frontier or mankind is merely waking up to the reality that nature often is better at things than our most advanced engineers and scientists, we can still learn a lot from her, by uncloaking her methods. furzly

Smile, it’s a nice day to push the envelope into the future, borrowing from the past and not necessarily standing on the backs of giants, but near the water’s edge where our ancestors emerged – just thinking out loud on a philosophical point, and I am glad to have made you think today yourself. Are you going to do a little hydroponic gardening yourself at home? How about a vegetable garden, how about and some organic fruits and vegetables – all home grown? Please consider all this. bitpapa


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