2010 Lace Wig Trends

Celebrity Inspired

Celebrity inspired lace wigs are here to stay. This long lasting trend has truly influenced the hair world. From Beyonce’s golden locks to Rihanna’s short funky cuts, wigs with starlet flair are all the rage. To achieve the look, you can either buy a celebrity inspired lace wig or you can create on your own.

The key is modeling your look after a well known celeb without copying them to a tee. Add your own twist to Beyonce’s signature color by wearing a slicked back ponytail or a full curly mane. To mimic Rihanna, go for the chopped cut but with hints of red versus black and gold like the singer.

Romantic Appeal

Romantic hair has carried over from the spring into a summer trend. Soft bouncy curls and loose waves embody that romantic appeal that men crave and women want to attain. If you already have a human hair lace wig that has straight hair, red lace front wig you can get the look as well. Since human hair has styling versatility, you can either heat style in some bouncy curls or put them in a roller set.

The roller set will get you a softer look and can be finger combed out for a more natural look. Darker colored hair and long lengths will help complete your wave patterns. While wearing a side part, you can have your waves covering one eye slightly for that mysterious look. Pair with a soft smokey eye to complete the look.

Embellish the Night Away

Accessorizing your body is not enough. Make darker colored hair bold with bejeweled hair bands, fresh cut flowers, and cute clips. For those who are not big fans of color but want to take your look to the next level, this trend is right up your alley. Many of these looks will either involve high ponytails, cute parts, or exposed scalps so choose wisely. If you have a full lace wig you should be fine. If you have another wig type but have not bleached your knots, do this first.

Bleached knots will give a more natural appearance since you are trying to emphasis your head. Any type of bright and bold hair band or clasp will look great. Wooden or colored beads look edgy for an afrocentric band. For something more sleek, try a multi-band in layers with different colored crystals. If you want a ponytail, pin in a flower for a summery look. Go for bold flowers like the white orchid or bird of paradise.

Why follow only one trend when you can follow all three? Mix and match so you can use throughout the year. Romantic curls pinned back with a flower or Rihanna’s short cut with a classy head band are just a few ideas. No matter which look you choose, the best way to wear your lace wig is with confidence and grace.


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