Commercial Gas Water Heater – 12 Signs Not to Ignore!

Commercial Gas Water Heater Signs Not To Ignore:

1. The smell of gas permeates through the office. If you smell gas, call your gas company right away. They will come out and evaluate your situation.

2. No hot water coming through at all.

3. Pilot light is not lit.

4. Pilot light definitely lights, but then it does not stay on once the gas control valve is released

5. Your burner doesn’t come on.

6. Insufficient hot water.

7. Leaking faucets.

8. Dip tube broke or fell off.

9. Gas water heater has a frequent discharge from TP/relief valve.

10. Popping noise or a banging type of noise occurs.

11. Smelly hot water.

12. Tank leaks.

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