Don’t Forget Me

Whether it love, attachment or infatuation
Remember and don’t forget me in any situation
You may not know how much I care and love you
I take it as sacred to that the name of the Thou

Is it magnetic pull, internal feelings or divinity call?
Person may not mind jumping even high wall
He is sure of everything except his own down fall
Life game is set in with colorful rolling ball skywings

No one knows who will offer blow or first kick
No hard hitting with sweet promises to stick
If no success in life then hard wounds to lick
What will be left other than words to speak?

I have strong apprehensions in mind
Life may turn cruel and will not be kind
Journey may on but on parallel track
Joy and happiness will never be back

I wish to fly high and touch endless blue sky
Wings are strong enough but won’t be able to touch, why?
Nothing seems to be unfavorable but still may elude
Dreams may be scattered without any prelude

I can face the storm and swim rough sea
I can judge calmness, under current and see
Possible future struggle to get something new
Will it be possible if make concerted bid to renew?

Can you reassure me you shall definitely wait?
Withstand all the pressures and never be late
Embrace me with pure love and not with hate
I shall crash against solid wall or Iron Gate affluentwords

Your words may infuse new lease of energy and strength
I shall have enough will power to go at any length
It will always remind me of bright hope next day
I shall have endeavor to see future possible way

I may not be able to miss you even if you miss
It will constantly remind of hollow words or promise
I shall die not because of dishonor but with disillusion
Life will be living hell with simple hollowness and confusion

It is how I see the future for both of us?
Many bad thoughts may cross mind and influx
It will be very hard to sustain possible blow
Life may inch toward death not fast but slow

People may not want us to unite
Inflame the passion and slowly ignite
I may sustain any blow or cruelty
It will be then slur on part of beauty Blogline

It will not be easy to forget and forgive
Life is not commodity to take and give
It has divine bonds to last for ever
Remember always and forget never


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